The 4-star Grahor Hotel Garni offers you 16 richly furnished rooms, 1 suites and one guesthouse in its mmediate vicinity. Here are business guests as well as romantic people or families who want a relaxing and/or a adventure holiday discovering the beauties of the Karst and its surroundings.

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The swimming pool located in front of our hotel is the ideal place to relax. With a drink and relaxing music you can regain your energy.

Do not worry about the towel, as you get it as part of our offer.

The newer, warm and cosy style furnished rooms represent an ideal starting point for a fantastic and relaxing accommodation.

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In the morning you will be served with freshly prepared breakfast in the breakfast room. Lunch and dinner are offered at Restaurant Grahor, located just a few meters away.

Typical breakfast dishes are the genuine air-dried-ham "Karst pršut", freshly baked eggs and many other Karst delicacies.

The small conference room is a perfect quite place for the meetings and / or business presentations. The installation of a bigger conference table or a movie screen with up to 20 seats is possible too. Like in all hotel areas is a free wired internet available also in the conference room.

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